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Hellion (Hellbound Brotherhood Book 1) By ShannonMcKenna


Book/Novel Author: ShannonMcKenna

Book/Novel Title: Hellion



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Find out why New York Times bestseller Maya Banks hails McKenna’s books as “A nonstop thrill ride…”He’s a ticking bomb…Eric Trask is counting the days before he blasts out of Shaw’s Crossing forever. He and his brothers were raised at GodsAcre, a mysterious doomsday cult deep in the mountains, and are the only survivors of the deadly fire that destroyed it. The townspeople see them as time bombs just waiting to blow, but Eric’s going to prove those bastards wrong. He’s an ex-Marine, fresh off a tour in Afghanistan, working three jobs and barely sleeping. Utterly unprepared for Demi Vaughan’s dazzling green eyes, lush pink lips and sexy curves. She’s the town princess…he’s a dangerous outcast. It was a sure recipe for disaster.But the closer he gets to Demi, the more impossible it is to resist…Forbidden fruit is the sweetest…Demi Vaughan has big plans for life post- college, and Eric Trask, notorious bad boy with a complicated past, is not part of them. So when he saunters into the sandwich shop where she works she tells herself he’s just tall, ripped, smoldering eye candy, nothing more. Eric was damaged. Marked by violence and tragedy. He’d be the ultimate bad boyfriend, and right now she was too busy even to shop for a good one. But his hot eyes and hard body, his sensual smile and that rough, sexy voice of his shook her resolve. After all, she was leaving this place forever. A little taste of heaven…what could it hurt?But Shaw’s Crossing has deeper, darker secrets than Eric or Demi could guess. The evil that destroyed GodsAcre is lying in wait…and it will stop at nothing to keep Eric and Demi apart…AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hellion, Book One, ends on a cliffhanger, but it leads right into HEADLONG, Book Two, Demi and Eric’s continuing story, dated seven years later and available for preorder now! The other titles in The Hellbound Brotherhood are a connected series, but each book features its own couple and has its own HEA.
Good storyline but if 75% wasn’t sex the book most probably have had an actual ending.I’m soooooo disappointed.
A sweet taste of atwistedconvoluted story.Cant wait for the next one. Honestly you shouldprobablybuy them all. One sweet taste is definitely not enough.

I read Demi and Eric’s story out of order, having gotten Headlong before I read Hellion so this was a nice opportunity to get the story that proceeded where I met them. It was a good story and I guess I was not as troubled by the fact that the story did not finish here because I had already read the next installment. Although I liked the Trask brothers in the other stories I read I came to feel for them more after this one. They have come through a lot in their lives and they are continually reminded of it by the way the townsfolk blame the victims. And it sucks the way Eric and Demi’s relationship is affected as well by the push and pull of her circumstances and her goals. It is a very strong start to the series.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Hellion is the opening act of Shannon McKenna’s new series called The Hellbound Brotherhood! I have read every single of her books and so far, her McClouds ad Friends series has been my favorite … so far … we shall see how the tides turn once we get deeper into the universe that she is creating with her Hellbound Brotherhood! Be forewarned, Hellion WILL end with a cliffhanger so line up Headlong and plan some binge time!The first book, Hellion, introduces us to Eric Trask, one of the three brothers that are the only survivors of the GodsAcre doomsday cult deep in the mountains near Shaw’s Crossing in the Northwest. He and his brothers have always had hard time in the town as the townspeople have always been waiting for them to blow … what else do you expect from the nutties and doomsday preppers … Eric is back from his tour in Afghanistan, he is working on his app that will build his future, working three jobs and keeping his head down … until …he lays his eyes on Demi Vaughan, the town princess who is already rebelling against her families expectations … throw into it Eric and the deep buried secrets and we get the explosive opening that leaves us hanging for seven years!I think you could look at Hellion as an extended prologue and I really like it as I live for prologues and epilogues and I had really hard time waiting for Eric and Demi’s real story but do not despair, if you are only now picking up the story, you will have Headlong to jump to!
This is the beginning of Eric and Demi’s story. This is not there full book. That comes in Headlong.Eric Trask was raised in a doomsday cult. Everybody thinks he’s bad news. Demi Vaughan is upper class town folk. Lots of opposition to them being together. Prejudice, betrayal and small town corruption play a huge part.I would suggest you read book 1 & 2 back to back.A great start to this new series.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


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