Her Falcon By Fiona Davenport

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Her Falcon (Shifted Love Series Book 7) By Fiona Davenport


Book/Novel Author: Fiona Davenport

Book/Novel Title: Her Falcon



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After spending nearly a year in captivity, Ramsey Altair needed time to heal. Although she had long dreamed of finding her fated mate, she wasn’t prepared to face the man who might belong to her so soon after being rescued. Feeling as though she had no other choice, she fled his pack before they could meet.Aero Covey refused to be deterred. Once he realized the faint scent he’d caught in his town was his fated mate, nothing was going to stop him from finding her.
Shifted Love Series book 7. A delightful read. Aero came to town to cook in the new restaurant. What he stumbles upon is his mate. But she has a lot if past trauma to get through before they become mates. The journey to that love is fled with drama, angst and hope.
This was such a sweet story. Aero knew something was important right away, even if he didn’t know quite what it was. Ramsey couldn’t bear the thought of meeting her mate in her current state so she ran away. I loved how Aero was so sweet and protective, no matter what. I also loved the setup for Rome. I can’t wait to see how story. Loved this one!
Shes a loner whose captured and totured. Who comes to a pack for saftey and healing and finds her fated mate. Cute shifter book series.
I think this is my first falcon shifter book. And I loved it! The tie-in to Link and the Silver Saints was beautifully done. Ramsey’s story was so sad. She absolutely deserves the best of happily ever afters!
What a great story! Aero has been waiting for his mate long enough and his falcon is making it clear to him that it’s time to claim her. Ramsey was not ready for a mate but Aero didn’t give up on her. So worth the wait!
I was so exited to see this was on my home page. I’ve been looking forward for the series to continue and can’t wait for the next ones!


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