Her Forbidden Affair By Anna Lewis

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Her Forbidden Affair : Alien Menage Romance Collection By Anna Lewis


Book/Novel Author: Anna Lewis

Book/Novel Title: Her Forbidden Affair



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*No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.*
**Ternion of Intimacy**
When Lacey Stern is banished to a maximum security intergalactic prison, the lovers in her life, Prince Korun and Blaen of Ubos, will have their loyalties tested. Who will they fight for…the crown or their happiness?
**Hearts of Peilia**
When it’s time for Prince Kivan of Peilia, playboy of the galaxy, to take on his crown and all the duties that come along with it, he had no idea that his parents would be picking a mate for him. Fearing the thought of a lifelong bond to someone insufferable, he makes a deal with his parents to find his own bride. But what happens when the Earth girl he chooses proves to be more of a lover than his paid placeholder?

Lydia Taggart was short on cash and even shorter on time as she faced eviction after losing her job, but running into an old friend brought her the opportunity of a lifetime. Getting paid to pretend to be some alien’s date should have been a walk in the park, but Lydia certainly bit off more than she could chew.

Kivan and Lydia are in for the shock of their lives and their hearts, when the lines between business and pleasure become blurred with an unexpected passion. Love will blossom, but can it last when the contract that binds them threatens these hearts of Peilia?
**Out of This World**
Talia was only a child when it was revealed that aliens have been living among the human race for many years, and that they’ve always been planning a rebellion. She’s grown up in the war, and has become a badass, loner fighter because of that.

But life in the middle of the war isn’t always easy, and soon she gets captured by the enemy. As she spends time with the people that she’s spent her entire life fighting against, she starts to notice a bond building, a common ground, but that quickly turns into something more scandalous, which might just threaten absolutely everything…





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