Her Prison Husband By Jenna Rose

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Her Prison Husband By Jenna Rose


Book/Novel Author: Jenna Rose

Book/Novel Title: Her Prison Husband



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His name is Bain Warner, ex-enforcer for the Romano crime family. They call him the “Movie Star Murderer” on account of his incredible good looks that had women everywhere swooning when he was sent to prison five years ago after being convicted of killing seventeen men, and those were just the ones they could prove. Six months ago, his first letter arrived at my home.At first I was terrified. A dangerous killer wanting to speak to me? I threw out the letters, but that didn’t stop him. He sent more. Then upped the ante and invited me to the prison for a conjugal visit, just him and me alone in a room, completely unsupervised for an hour. I may have lost my mind, because I’m actually considering it. And the worst part? I was part of the legal team that led to his conviction five years ago.
This book was mouth watering hot. I could not put it down. She had one hot sexy prison husband. And in the end they both got to be with each other.
There was a wildness to the story I liked. It was well written and had some storyline in addition to sex scenes
This was a pretty good read. Full of passion and that’s what I like. Sometimes I just want a good sex filled novella. This was one.
This definitely is a mafia storyline like no other and worth reading. The characters are engaging and entertaining.I received a copy and am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
Well, this was one for the books and not exactly my cup of tea. But, I can have an open mind and part way understand the slow seduction that is portrayed. Definitely a different storyline from my usual romance choice. I can see how getting to know the man behind the mask could change one’s normal responses. Well written book that made me question my own boundaries.
Elena and Baine’s story is a little different and not really typical although it happens in this day and time. Short steamy read.


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4.9/5309 ratings