Her Shadows, His Secrets By CC Monroe

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Her Shadows, His Secrets By CC Monroe


Book/Novel Author: CC Monroe

Book/Novel Title: Her Shadows, His Secrets



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HannaI hid in the shadows all my life. That was where I felt I belonged the most, because I was ridiculed by the ones I loved, by society’s view of women like me.But now I believe someone is out to hurt me, yet I don’t know who it could be. I didn’t think I had anyone to fear, except for in the shadows, the same ones that used to keep me safe.Moving to Cherry Hill meant I could start fresh, but this town holds something I wasn’t ready for. Not only do I find things out about myself and parts of my life I didn’t know existed, but I also meet him.TheoI was only here for a job. But now she’s in front of me, interfering and blocking the clear path. Bending and breaking under my hands day in and day out. The secrets I hold could destroy her and, in turn, hurt me.I regret how we began the moment I get to know her. Now, it all hangs in the balance. My secrets are getting too heavy, and when they come out, I just may lose the one woman I know I could fall for.
I went into this not sure if I was going to like it. Saw it on a FB Page I gave it a shot. I really enjoyed the book it was H O T . Really liked the h -believable and wasn’t a pushover
I tried to like this book but I gave up around 30% in. The guy’s nickname for the girl? Greens. Yeah, like leafy vegetables. Her nickname for him? Doorknob. Enough said.The h is described as plus size and very introverted. No friends, a loner. Practically afraid of her own shadow. She is described as both “fat” and unattractive to guys (one potential date fled after just seeing her) and then on the next page she’s “curvy”, wearing skinny jeans and knee high boots. Oh and she’s described as having “long tan legs”. Really? Which is it? I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I just couldn’t figure out if h was a complete troll or a voluptuous 50s pin-up model. I’m justifiably confused because the author described her as both.Then, she is supposedly very shy with low self esteem yet she trades witty barbs back and forth with H like she’s a social butterfly. Zero shyness and no awkwardness at all. Again, is she a recluse or a social whiz? The author can’t even decide because again, she writes her as both of these things.I got tired of the discrepancies and gave up to move on to something (anything) better. Definitely my first and last read by this author.
Wow, what a trip! Looking for a book with a Alpha male and a sweetheart of a Fmc, well this is it. A good amount of and a decent plot too.
I enjoyed the book. The storyline had me stuck on it. I loved the MMC and his dominance. The MFC was ok but her insecurities were real and ppl don’t understand it. Enjoyed this book. Took me a day lol
Absolutely loves this book! My first plus size and she didn’t disappoint! This book will make you realize your body is beautiful of being loved and worshiped the way it should. The trials and tribulations of love and secrets. This book I can’t get enough of, had to have a physical copy for my collection, it’s just that good!
I absolutely loved Theo & Hanna! He’s a bit psychotic but oh so wonderful to her. Also, she loves it, so it works.Hanna is a plus sized beauty, but has been beaten down by life, and her psycho hero was just what she needed. He’s hard, but completely obsessed with her in the best way.The story flowed well and kept you interested from the start. Definitely some thriller moments and can’t say I saw the secret coming. Of course you knew it would work out well.Great spice, and even better story.


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