Herald of Shalia 4 By Tamryn Tamer

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Herald of Shalia 4 By Tamryn Tamer


Book/Novel Author: Tamryn Tamer

Book/Novel Title: Herald of Shalia 4

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Sebastian Frost created a territory where demihumans lived peacefully.Whether they were a snake-haired gorgon, a colorful slime woman, or a fifteen foot tall Oni, they were free to live peacefully in Pluma Territory. For many of the creatures, living peacefully was something they never dared even dream of so it was only natural that they traveled from all over the continent to reach his territory. If only the humans would let them.Sometimes it was guards in a neighboring territory killing them for sport, sometimes it was a village stealing all of their supplies, and sometimes it was slavers attempting to profit. But the humans just had to make things difficult. Frost decided to make examples of them. It worked. Maybe too well as the Herald of Ziralia could no longer allow Frost to act with impunity. The man was finally traveling to Blackwater with his two thousand personal guard and it didn’t feel like he was interested in resolving things peacefully.Herald of Shalia is a fun fantasy Light LitRPG/Gamelit by Tamryn Tamer and contains attention starved elves, giant Oni women, naughty princesses, foxy madams, foul language, and completely over the top love making. You’ve been warned.

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