Here, There and Everywhere By Marie Force

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Here, There and Everywhere: A Butler, Vermont Novel By Marie Force


Book/Novel Author: Marie Force

Book/Novel Title: Here, There and Everywhere



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Isabella Coleman wasn’t looking for love when she attended her cousin Wade’s wedding in Boston, but she hadn’t counted on the bride’s father, Cabot Lodge. He’s older, wiser and one of the most handsome, charming and funny men she’s ever met. Izzie is instantly smitten, and after a wonderful time at the wedding, she’s certain she’ll hear from Cabot again soon. But she doesn’t hear a word from him until she’s back in Boston and invites him to dinner. After yet another fantastic time together, she’s once again optimistic—and once again disappointed when she gets nothing but silence from him.Cabot has his reasons for keeping his distance. After his former wife took off with their baby daughter, he spent twenty-five years looking for Mia, who suddenly reappeared in his life as a grown woman with a new husband. He’s never been happier than since Mia returned, but those twenty-five years of searching left him with a deep well of bitterness that a sweet woman like Izzie doesn’t need in her life.Until Izzy is seriously injured in a car accident, and all bets are off. Bitterness aside, Cabot can think of only getting to her as soon as he possibly can—and staying with her for as long as she’ll have him. Now Izzy and Cabot are hunkered down in her cozy home in Vermont, and things are starting to get real. They’ll both have to decide if their time together is a temporary interlude or the start of something lasting.
When I pick up a book and see that Marie is the author I know I am in for a wonderful adventure. She has a way of pulling you in on the first page and surprises you right up until the last page. Praying she never runs out of words so keep them coming.
As usual Marie outdid herself.I love the way the story line flows to include old and new characters.Can’t wait for Max’s happy ever after.
Another amazing story bringing people together and over coming there battles. Well done as always can’t wait for the next one.
I love reading about new and old true loves happening in Butler, Vermont. It’s easy reading catching up with the various family members of the town’s leading citizens. Fred the moose always is a delight to read about, he’s still being the moose everyone knows and enjoy the various adventures he has with his human counterparts. All the family members are important to the writing of this little town. Really, just another great book by Marie Force. Keep up the wonderful, entertaining story telling.
Thrilled for all of the couples getting their HEA❣ Can’t wait to read Max’s story and where the couples wind up in their happily ever after’s in Butler, VT. Thank you Marie❣
Love me some great Marie Force. Truthfully it’s been a while since I started the series that I had to re-acquaint myself with the characters and their personalities. So happy to find them again and meet new members along the way. Love Izzy and Mia!


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4.9/5309 ratings