Hidden Beneath It All By Lore

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Hidden Beneath It All: Caught Between Love & Lust By Lore


Book/Novel Author: Lore

Book/Novel Title: Hidden Beneath It All

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Okoye Franklin resides with his grandmother in one of the toughest counties in the DMV, Baltimore. Killings, robberies, and the like happen in broad daylight daily. Being raised by his grandmother has sheltered him from a lot of mayhem he could’ve been easily pulled into. Completing his education, respecting himself and his elders, as well as staying to himself, Okoye is on the right track to avoid becoming a statistic until one dark evening changed his life forever. After a mistaken identity for rape, Okoye was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Okoye could’ve made a bad situation worse; however, while in prison, he furthered his education and found love. Will Okoye be able to pull himself out of this slump, or will he give up after going through so much at such a young age? In Hidden Beneath It All, secrets are revealed, and people Okoye placed in his past resurfaces. **

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