Hide & Seek By S. L. Perrine

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Hide & Seek By S. L. Perrine


Book/Novel Author: S. L. Perrine

Book/Novel Title: Hide & Seek



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The past Ravana wanted to remember has come back to bite her.
Hellhounds are being bred with Emerick’s blood. Making them as hard to kill as the Ancient One himself. They seem to have only one goal as they aim their sights on the vivacious red-head, ignoring all others in their paths.
Massimo is at war with the possibility of losing Ravana to hellhounds and to her past.
Can Emerick and Massimo work together, or will their focus deter from the primary objective…keeping Ravana alive so one of them can win her heart.
Who will be sacrificed in the process? Will Ravana ever forgive herself?





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