Hiding Out With a Royal Billionaire By Sophia Summers

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Hiding Out With a Royal Billionaire By Sophia Summers


Book/Novel Author: Sophia Summers

Book/Novel Title: Hiding Out With a Royal Billionaire

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Skye has loved Brooks for as long as she can remember, as a friend. Her very best friend.
When suddenly friendship isn’t enough, they get embroiled in a crazy plot which reveals Brooks is not everything he has always seemed.
Brooks’ world turns upside down when Skye is suddenly thrust in the center of one of his clandestine operations. And to over complicate things, he realizes he’s falling for her right when he needs to keep a logical head on his shoulders.
When the two go into hiding, and Brooks has to leave her in the hands of a hot blooded, interested bodyguard, no one knows when everything returns to normal, who’s ending will be happy.
Read this sweet romance with a touch of suspense and adventure to get your dose of happily ever afters. **

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