High Stakes By Iris Johansen

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High Stakes By Iris Johansen


Book/Novel Author: Iris Johansen

Book/Novel Title: High Stakes



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All bets are off as #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen introduces gambler Logan Tanner, a man with a secret past that’s about to come back to haunt him. Logan Tanner lives the exhilarating life of a professional gambler, taking risks with nerves of steel. From casinos in Macau to Monte Carlo to Milan, he’s racked up a fortune and become a living legend.  But all the glitz and glamor hide a dark and violent past as an extractor—a world that comes rushing back to him when the beautiful and innocent Lara Balkon enters his life.Soon Logan is drawn into the conflict between two Russian mafia bosses over Lara, whose life now hangs in the balance. Logan has been offered something more valuable to him than money—information he desperately needs—in exchange for getting Lara out of Russia and to safety. Once together, Tanner discovers that Lara is a force to be reckoned with in her own right.  Tanner’s search for the truth leads them to the bright lights of Las Vegas. Where the person who was hunting Lara now lies in wait for them. With the stakes climbing with each deadly confrontation, Logan and Lara are soon catapulted into a game against pure evil. The odds are stacked against them, but it’s a game they know they must play…even if it may cost them their lives.  Read more

On the promise of information and the love of music, Tanner extracts Lara and her mother Maria from the clutches of a Russian mafia boss Volkov at the behast of another Russian mafia boss Kaskov. Now the question becomes, what to do to Volkov so that he will no longer be a danger to Lara or Tanner. In the end, a neatly orchestrated sting is employed that provides a nicely timed explosive ending. A fun thriller to read

I am always so thrilled to read a new book from Iris Johansen.This book did not fail either.By far my favorite author!!
Okay so this one is out of my normal wheelhouse but because of the author’s abilities I quickly saw how terrific it is. Complicated, violence as warranted, full blown characters.It’s got it allThank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc


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