His Human Stalker By Michele Mills

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His Human Stalker (Monsters Love Curvy Girls Book 6) By Michele Mills


Book/Novel Author: Michele Mills

Book/Novel Title: His Human Stalker



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I suffer from resting bitch face (RBF).It’s sad but true. As a result, I turn people away. I’m not exactly bubbly and friendly.This is probably why my lonely job as a private investigator is perfect for my skill set. Usually, I’m very good at what I do. I get the job done and move on. But my latest assignment has thrown me for a loop. The satanic-looking Hyrrokin biologist I’ve been tracking has gotten under my skin. Sir Bane Ashmoor has become much more than a job. Through my telescopic lens, I can literally see my future unborn children in his deadly eyes.I’m full-on stalking this monstrous guy as he charts the migration of fire-beasts, spending countless unbillable hours in the wildlands, watching his every attractive move. What is wrong with me?When I trip and break my ankle my hot target finds me with my ass in the dirt, doing the full-on ugly cry. And he lifts me in his massive red arms and carries me back to his tent! He’s caring for me and I think he really likes me. Basically, it’s a dream come true.But what happens when Bane discovers he’s brought his stalker home?And he finds out who I really am, what I really do and who I work for?*cries*
I really enjoy finding out how two being that is similar in temperament find each other with a little help!
I liked this story, not as much as some of the other ones of course but Bane is a catch. Those fire babies too cute and a girk that loves Star Trek bam.
I love this author and this series is so awesome the idea that a big girl like me could find true love on a planet full of aliens who love big girls is so awesome. this is a standalone with a HEA. i can not wait for what’s next. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
1 star because there were sentences on a page. I doubt Michele Mills wrote this book. I adore the other books in this series and was excited for this book to come out. Sadly, this book was a let down. The dialog in this book felt like it was written by a child. I couldn’t get past the initial meeting of the hero and heroine. Every word out of their mouths was nonsensical and much of it was contradictory. The heroine was supposed to be an uber capable private investigator but her actions were so inept and unbelievable. The hero’s dialogue was equally unbelievable and made him seem foolish as well. DNF.
Phenomenal book loved every page very romantic. Amelia was hired to look into Bane Ashmoor her client is anonymous she’s a private investigator and good at her job. Bane is a Fire Biologists he’s in the Wildlands his love and passion is protecting the Fire Beast, and to carry out the “Endangered Fire Beast Species Restoration Plan” awe Amelia gets the help from Molten Lava for her job on Bane she’s already looked Into him and he’s clean so why spy hmm? It’s kinda funny how they meet she falls breaks her ankle yikes Bane is there to help her and tend too her they hit it off perfectly great connection, the rainy season is about to start and there stuck together she can’t tell him the truth just yet why she’s really there. They do go threw a lot takes care of three fire beast pups, talks about their Families but also they start to fall in love does get very sexy hehe she tells him the truth and he’s not mad he wants her as his and intends to make her as his Bound awe. They leave and he’s takes her to Perth where they make love yay they go to Ashmoor Manor she meets Charlotte and finds out she’s pregnant and meets the Queen Rebyka of Tarvos shocker she’s her client at least something wonderful came out of it two people finding each other,Bane surprises Amelia with a “Bound Declaration Ceremony”and it’s just lovely filled with love happiness,family and a HEA! ❤️
No plot, no story, weak character development. I don’t understand how this became a book. I only kept reading to see if it would get better. It didn’t.


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