His Human Ward By Michele Mills

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His Human Ward (Monsters Love Curvy Girls Book 5) By Michele Mills


Book/Novel Author: Michele Mills

Book/Novel Title: His Human Ward



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The brooding Fire Lord of Ashmoor Manor receives an adorable, curvy human as his ward! I’m getting married today and I’m so freaking depressed. My bridal gown is exquisite. The ring is enormous. But my groom is evil personified and I’m being tricked into this doomed marriage. I’m seconds from breaking into a full-on ugly cry.And right then, as if by magic, the church doors burst open. Women scream and children scramble as a huge satanic-looking alien stomps down the aisle, flicking his tail, flashing flames and wreaking chaos in his wake. He’s looking right at me.“Charlotte Cruz?” the devil questions.I give a jerky nod, shocked into silence.The monster grunts in response, sweeps me off my feet and carries me away from the altar.Read more

I’ve read it four times and each reading I find something interesting thatmissed the first three times.Charlotte and Thayne are perfect together.
I love the acceptance of all things different in the charming story. Strong men, happy strong women. Hot sexy scenes.
I put up with bad writing and a ridiculous plot until 70%. The ONE s*x scene was a single paragraph and fade to black. Worst book ever and now I know this author only writes “clean” romances. Ugh. There should be a warning.
I enjoyed the story of Hyrrokin Fire Lord Thayne Ashmoor human adopted granddaughter of his great uncle, Charlotte.It was an interesting premise and worth a read, you just have to suspend you calendar sense. I would have rated it higher if it hadn’t been a bit of a mess on the time line.
Of course I love Michelle as an author so I’m a little biased…. The characters are rich and multi faceted,though I truly love how each character has to make their own path- stumbling along the way.


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4.9/5309 ratings