His to Love By Sierra Cartwright

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His to Love By Sierra Cartwright


Book/Novel Author: Sierra Cartwright

Book/Novel Title: His to Love

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He has to be in control—it’s all he knows.

Relentlessly focused on his philanthropic enterprises, Trevor Lawton avoids relationships at all costs. Until he meets her. Now he’s upping the stakes, risking it all to possess the beautiful, innocent submissive. The uncompromising Dominant terrifies Shelby just as much as he fascinates her. She’d be crazy to agree to his outrageous demands. But she’s as trapped as he is, ensnared by the searing promise of love in the billionaire’s dark eyes. Trevor’s sensual demands threaten to consume her as he struggles not to lose control. He’s driven by the undeniable need to have her body and soul, laid bare, only for him. But for Shelby, will his love be enough? **

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