His Virgin Queen By MINK

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His Virgin Queen By MINK


Book/Novel Author: MINK

Book/Novel Title: His Virgin Queen

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I knew I was going to be sold by my father. A bride offered to forge an alliance or seal a deal. Even so, I still held onto the hope of living free of the families. But when I’m given to Antonio Tuscani, I realize my thin dreams of escaping this life were just that—dreams. Giving up, I accept my fate … Until a fierce-eyed boss, Nick DaVinci, shows up on my wedding day to exact lethal vengeance.
I came for Tuscani blood, and I took it. The doe-eyed bride in her white dress and veil of innocence doesn’t bat an eyelash when I do what I was born to do. I’m the head of the most powerful mafia family in the city, and I didn’t get here by sparing enemies. But Sophia’s demeanor intrigues me, and soon I realize she is far more than a mafia princess. She is a queen, and I will stop at nothing to keep her by my side.
Mink’s Note: Curl up with your fave feline for this safe, sweet, steamy, a lil dark, and a lot dreamy HEA. **

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