Hold on to Hope By A. L. Jackson

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Hold on to Hope By A. L. Jackson


Book/Novel Author: A. L. Jackson

Book/Novel Title: Hold on to Hope


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A best friends-to-lovers, stand-alone romance from New York Times Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson . . .
Evan Bryant wasn’t your typical hero.
But he was mine.
Broken by the worlds’ standards, he was still the strongest boy I would ever know.
My best friend. The boy I’d given everything to. My heart, my body, and the promise of forever.
The day I’d needed him most, he walked away.
He left me shattered and questioning the love I’d thought we’d shared.
Three years later, I wasn’t prepared for him to return to Gingham Lakes.
It wouldn’t have mattered if he wasn’t the most beautiful man I’d ever seen.
My fingers still would have ached to caress his skin.
My body still would have begged to get lost in his touch.
And my heart . . . it would have always sung his name.
But time changes things. With it, secrets that could ruin everything.
Can we find a way to love again, or have the fears of our past stolen the hope of our forever . . .
### Review
“Evan and Frankie Leigh are scene stealers, heart stealers and completely unforgettable. From page one this story wraps itself around your heart and you’ll never want it to let go. As always, AL Jackson, delivers a powerful, emotional story that has moved to the straight to the top of my **best of 2019 list**!” *- Author Dylan Allen*
” **Beautiful and gripping** and filled with such **fierce passion**. Hold on to Hope will keep you locked in from beginning to end.” *–New York Times bestselling author, Molly McAdams*
“You have really turned into quite the expert at adding that touch of suspense, woman!!! Soooooooooo goooooood!! **My FAVORITE!!** The love, the bond, the soul connection…. there will never be a love as destined and powerful and sweet and beautiful as the once in a lifetime love of Evan and Frankie Leigh!!!!!!!!”  *– Lauren Rowe, USA Today bestselling author*
“This book makes you believe inacceptance, hope, true love, and fighting for what is important. It **leaves you breathless** , but also puts a smile on your face.”  *– Kim, Reviews by Tammy &Kim*
“This story was **written so beautifully**. A.L Jackson grasped the concepts of her character’s perfectly. She gave them depth behind the scenes, ages we didn’t get to see, but if you’re paying enough attention, the writing is on the walls.”  *– Chaos Book Reviews*
*”* This book was all the freaking STARS, all the freaking FEELS….it made me laugh, made me cry and left me breathless! AL Jackson….. **BEST FREAKING BOOK, TOP READ OF 2019** AND ONE I’LL RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!!!”    *– Melissa, Goodreads Reviewer*
” **Epic Masterpiece**.  Wow! Wow! Just Wow. I literally have no words.
I am blown away. I have the biggest book hangover. Beautiful, tender, perfect, heartbreaking, angsty. An absolute gem. Hold on to Hope will have you holding onto your emotions.”    *– Kimhe Rockchick*
“Hold on to hope by AL Jacksonis a** brilliantly beautiful masterpiece **!!!” *– Heather P, Audio Loves*
“All the stars, all the feels, **all the amazingness**!”  *– Sarah, She Who Breathes Reads*
“It gives you **a reason to believe in LOVE**…. Believe in the truth of it, what makes the heart long for ultimate happiness.”    *– Amie, Goodreads Reviewer*
” I simply couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters and their story, I loved the **beautiful story and the unique storyline.** ”  *– Konny, Goodreads Reviewer*


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