Holigay By K.M. Neuhold

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Holigay By K.M. Neuhold


Book/Novel Author: K.M. Neuhold

Book/Novel Title: Holigay



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I’ve been in love with my best friend for almost as long as I can remember. The only problem is he’s straight. At least I thought he was.But when he gets me to Fiji for Christmas, he’s suddenly looking at me in a way I’ve never seen before. Could this all be real, or is he just HoliGay?
This book has all the feels! It is well written with great characters and an amazing backdrop for the romance to play out. I also love that they are in their mid 30’s. It makes them more relatable. The heat factor is there so if you love steamy M/M then this is for you!
Just the right mix of hot and fast with a great story also. I was instantly hooked on Matt & Caspian’s connection. I really enjoyed their relationship dynamic and felt it’s strength from page one. Their friendship was my favorite part.
This was so adorable and hot with the tiniest bit of angst at the end (but mostly a sweet and fluffy read, and I’m not mad about it!).
Well, that’s settled… I’m in love with and very jealous of Matty and Caspian. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when they got home from holiday, but I’m so very glad that things turned out the way they did! This book was a lot of fun. I hope there might be a sequel sometime in the near future. Maybe the story of their wedding and honeymoon in Fiji?!?!
Best friends to lovers, GFY. Matt’s been cheated on by his girlfriend, so he invites his best friend on the prepaid vacation to Fiji. Matt is big, tattooed, bearded and tough looking, with a soft heart, and does a lot of thinking while they travel. Caspian, smaller and toned, is a Florist, who has loved Matt forever, and these guys are always counting on each other. They have fun and enjoy the island’s delights. After the first kiss, they sleep on it and Matt wakes up sure of himself and his feelings. They talk, ask questions, and see how it goes. Their hot sexiness is stunning. What a sweet, short story of best friends to lovers to more, that will make you smile…. many times ! ENJOY ! 🙂 ========
Loved these two together! Plenty of love and humor. Thoroughly enjoyed it and is good enough to read again. Plenty of naked fun too!


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