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Home (The Girl in the Box Book 48) By Robert J. Crane


Book/Novel Author: Robert J. Crane

Book/Novel Title: Home



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When a catastrophic event strikes Minneapolis, Sienna Nealon must make some hard choices about the people – and the home – she left behind.
The story is pretty good, but frankly, same old. Everyone against her when she tries to help. Her making bad choices. Mysterious (to the characters anyway) big bads in the background, all going to take her down, and they will rule everything. It’s been interesting to read this series, and except for some bad choices that I see enough in real life I have no desire to read about them, I like Sienna a lot. Not sure if I have the desire to keep reading it though. It’s all gloom and doom for her, and the author doesn’t seem inclined to make things better for her ever. I realize things can’t go great all the time and still have a story, but it’s really getting a bit ridiculous. Guess I’ll wait for the next one to decide if I still have the desire to read the train wrecks. It’s not all bad, though. Has been an interesting series to read.
Have read this series since the beginning.. As usual this is as good as any all the others. Please do not stop writing this series.. You could literally go on forever with the series and I would welcome it
So many twists and turns in this one! Things look great, normal, horrible…all in one. Lots of old characters brought back into play from the cube. Great read
I enjoyed the story. Back to basics. It might be just me, but I like it when the female characters are strong but don’t act like like jerky macho men constantly, as if the author doesn’t know any other way to portray them as strong. Anyways, I liked the direction this one went and look forward to the next book.
It is time to give Sienna’s further adventures a new name. This story definitely closed a chapter and was one of the better GitB episodes.
Every single book in this series has been awesome but in my opinion this book is the best one yet, it grabs you from the beginning and keeps you zipping along like one of those cork-screw roller coaster rides, could not put it down!


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4.9/5309 ratings