Homecoming By Tull Harrison

Homecoming: The Prince’s Legacy by Tull Harrison

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Book/Novel Author: Tull Harrison

Book/Novel Title: Homecoming

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A land is in turmoil, split between rival kings, between past and future, between unity and destruction. Into this unrest, on a horse named Borrowed Trouble, rides Rebenna Trueblood. Rebenna is an ambassador, the youngest Noennan woman ever to hold such a position. She is ready to serve her nation with honor and courage, but her arrival in the kingdom of Malzepher coincides with the old King’s murder, and the young, reckless prince Delmer must learn to take the mantle of responsibility. Together, they must guard against treachery, protect the land and the people, and discover the legacy of the prince, a treasure hidden in the fractured land, that could either unite their kingdoms or destroy them all.

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