Homerun Daddy By Liam Kingsley

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Homerun Daddy By Liam Kingsley


Book/Novel Author: Liam Kingsley

Book/Novel Title: Homerun Daddy



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Summary & Review

Not only is Jaxon a born Alpha, he is also one by choice. Or at least, he’s about to be. His adoptive father wants to pass on leadership of the Timberwood Cove Pack to him but Jaxon has reservations. Why? **Because this shifter wants his mate.**
When Jaxon scents his fated mate at a local diner, he knows it’s only a matter of time before he claims the man. But their courtship is complicated. Even though Bryce is an omega he has no idea shifters exist. **What’s more, he blames a wolf for the death of his sister and his current painful circumstances.**
After causing an accident that left his sister dead and himself with chronic injuries, Bryce can’t screw up raising his nephew. Money is tight and Bryce’s new disabilities make caring for a young boy even more difficult. When he meets Jaxon, the man is too good to be true; a caring alpha who coaches his nephew’s baseball team and looks at Bryce with heat and tenderness.
Will their rapidly growing family strikeout? Or will they be a home run?





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