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Host: A Tentacle Alien Science Fantasy (We Are Nepenthe Book 2) By Octavia Hyde


Book/Novel Author: Octavia Hyde

Book/Novel Title: Host



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“We need hosts for our eggs. Live hosts.”A delicate new alliance between Ea Nir’s people and the humans hinges on one thing: survival.The Nepenthe will shelter and provide for these bipeds while both races seek a new home world. The humans, in return, will host Nepenthe eggs for their incubation period.In theory.The surviving humans huddle aboard the Nepenthe starvessel. Unanswered questions paralyze their capable hosts:A clutch is how many eggs at once?What does that mean, ‘locked in?’ To where?Did she just say ‘venom??’From among the fears of many, steps the curiosity of one.Brave, reckless, or both, Alyss wants to be the first.His first.__Host dives right back into the We Are Nepenthe universe with a shapeshifting alien doctor, a discovery-hungry human geneticist, and a marathon ovipositing spree. And tentacles. All of them.But don’t worry—this is for Science.A one-click read for adventurous explorers only.
Odd, dreamy and mood enhancing, this story will transport you to…something alien. Erotic, exotic and what can I say? Until I read these books I totally didn’t get tentacles. If you think they couldn’t possibly be sexy, you need to read Octavia Hyde.
Excellent descriptions with non-repetitive and creative vocabulary. There’s a surprising amount of psychological intrigue and world building despite the fact that almost the entirety is an extended scene of physical intimacy. That can get boring in other books but I was thoroughly engaged to the last page here. Ms. Hyde is a gifted storyteller and I am looking forward to her future work!
Well, I was looking for something to get my libido pumping and this book did just that. Don’t want to spoil it by telling all the juicy parts, so, I’ll just say this book/author delivers it down and dirty. Enjoy!
After deciding you are ready to really read a sci-fi sexy story then you Must:Love scienceEnjoy many, many aspects of sex kinks (or be curious)Probably read the first one, although this novella stands aloneTake a chance outside of your comfort levelBe adventurous, at least open minded
You a fan of tentacle creatures? This is a great story for you. Good world building, but gets to the steamy stuff fairly quick
I could not put the 2 books down. I read them both straight away. The authors descriptions were thought provoking, breath taking and very stimulating. I am eager to follow her through the rest of the books in this series.


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