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Hot Mic! By Jamie Collins


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Collins

Book/Novel Title: Hot Mic!



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***Hannah is a mom with a Ph.D. and a savior complex. But will this benevolent radio psychologist forget about the most important rescue of all—her own?*** Pop-psychologist Dr. Hannah is radio royalty. At the top of her game and quick to dispense advice to an audience of listeners hungry for her special brand of self-help served at fifty thousand watts, Hannah’s rising star does not go unnoticed. When TV Producer Bumpy Friedman is ready to cast his next juggernaut for his all woman talkfest, Hannah proves to be an ideal fit as one of the show’s four fiery and dynamic hosts. But behind the scenes, Hannah is navigating her own minefield of real-life crises, including a shaky marriage, a mid-life fourth-born who is now a teenager, an ailing parent, and a set of adorable twin granddaughters who need her – all at a time when most boomers would be contemplating retirement. Unfortunately for Hannah, her sixtieth birthday is just the beginning of her new life ahead. One that will be filled with hard choices and challenges that will not only test her mettle but also help her—and the world—see her true worth. * **Hot Mic!** * is the third book in the “Secrets and Stilettos” women’s fiction series by Jamie Collins. If you like fun, sexy reads, poignant stories about women with adventurous pasts, and endings that keep you guessing, then you’ll love this book!
### Review
“Wow, another winner by Jamie Collins…well-written, realistic characters, and a great plot, with heroines you can relate to.” ***– C. Stiglets (Amazon)*** “This is a complex, uniquely plotted, powerful, true to life and thought-provoking story.” ***– C. Smith (Kobo)*** “Another great read by Jamie Collins. Looking forward to more to come! ***– M. Kimball (Barnes and Noble)***
### About the Author
Jamie Collins writes larger than life women’s fiction that is fun, sexy, and far from unforgettable. Her “Secrets and Stilettos” series is binge-worthy reading about the fast-track world of media and entertainment. As a former model/actress, she infuses her stories with Hollywood grit, sizzle, and heat reminiscent of the great women’s fiction writers (Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon, and Olivia Goldsmith) of decades past on which she cut her writing chops reading and emulating their iconic styles. Collins brings a fresh, modern-day take on the throwback pocket novel tomes that defined an era of extravagance and excess in exchange for a world where women are more powerful, smart, and driven than ever. Collins’ stilettos have been everywhere from nightclubs in Japan to the Playboy mansion, to dinner with a Sinatra. Her aim is to delight and entertain readers of women’s fiction everywhere.





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