Hot Vampire Next Door By Nikki St. Crowe

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Hot Vampire Next Door: Season Two (Midnight Harbor Book 2) By Nikki St. Crowe


Book/Novel Author: Nikki St. Crowe

Book/Novel Title: Hot Vampire Next Door



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“Be a good girl for me, Mouse.”Secrets are starting to come out about my past and the only thing that feels real anymore is my annoyingly hot vampire neighbor, Bran Duval.He made me a promise to help me uncover my past, but I didn’t know those promises included the heat of his touch. Bran and I don’t always see eye to eye, but when we’re alone together in the dark, everything feels right, even if some of the things he does to me might be so very bad.As my Pledge draws nearer, and more secrets come out, I can’t help but wonder: who am I? Or better yet, what am I?READER NOTE: Hot Vampire Next Door is first and foremost a Kindle Vella serial. It is considered ongoing and does not have a scheduled end date. You can expect high heat, lots of twists, and a vampire who realizes he might be a little more protective of his little mouse than he first realized. Season Two contains episodes 19-33.Please check the author’s website for CWs.
What an amazing story! There is a bit of what you would hope for, a bit of what you can may be guess, and a lot of what you would be afraid of. I can’t wait for the rest of this journey!
So I want to just say that I am entirely upset that I used all my keys reading the episodes on kindle Vella because I didn’t know some of the chapters were available together in book form. But I know for next time.I absolutely love this novella/book. Bran is everything you would want him to be. And I have a feeling that Jesse is some kind of dark fae. She is this changling that the fae were trying to hide because of her power and who she is and I cannot wait to find out more.Damien and Bran are monsters together. Like on the same page and will move together monsters. And they don’t care who is standing in their way of something or in this case someone they want. That courtroom scene was bananas. I was not expecting things to go south so fast but it definitely did. And with the quickness.I am completely and utterly addicted to Jesse and Bran. And now I going to feed this addiction with the next group episodes. Happy reading.
Love it was amazingly awesome highly recommend this book wish there was a 3 rd book coming out! Super cliff hanger

I am completely invested in Jessie, Bran, Kelly, and Damien’s story.There is so much that happens in this season / book! We learn more about who and what Jessie is, what has been happening with Kelly, and the level of involvement of the Duvall brothers. We get some action, more tension, and STEAM…good lord the steam, and we get some absolutely swoon worthy moments too.I am ready for season / book 3 to be released lol.Also, I think this is episodes 19 – 33 or 35 can’t exactly remember.
Intense! That’s my word for session two. Hot damn! Better than season one and I read it through quickly and then, I suddenly realized that season three wasnt out yet. Thank you Nikki St Crowe!


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