How Do I Un-Remember This? By Danny Pellegrino

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How Do I Un-Remember This?: Unfortunately True Stories (Hilarious and Heartfelt LGBTQ Book for Pride Month) By Danny Pellegrino


Book/Novel Author: Danny Pellegrino

Book/Novel Title: How Do I Un-Remember This?



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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom the host of Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino comes a collection of stories you’ll be glad didn’t happen to you.Think of the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you. Was it the time your high school cheer squad taunted you in front of the entire town? Was it the time your best friend’s mom caught you streaking in all your naked, self-conscious glory? What about the time you accidentally threw a tooth at your dry cleaner or took an urn into Kohl’s for some holiday shopping?For Danny Pellegrino, the answer is all of the above.Growing up as a closeted gay kid in small-town Ohio wasn’t easy, and Danny has the stories to prove it. But coming of age in the 90s still meant something magical to Danny. The music, film, and celebrity moments of his youth were truly iconic, and his love for all things pop culture connected him to a world larger than the one he knew in the suburban Midwest. And through all the pains of growing up, Danny could always look to that world for hope—whether that meant bingeing The Nanny until he had the confidence of Fran Fine, belting out Brandy songs until his heartaches were healed, or watching semi-clothed Ryan Phillippe scenes until his cheeks burned from blushing.With refreshing honesty and jaw-dropping absurdity, Danny invites readers to experience his most formative moments in life—from his hometown in Ohio to his hit podcast and career in entertainment today. How Do I Un-Remember This? is an unfiltered and all-too-relatable glimpse into Danny’s life and the heartfelt and hilarious moments that shaped it. Although he wouldn’t change them for the world, these stories are—unfortunately—true.

Danny is delightful. I love his podcast and pop culture references weaved in with his personal stories.
Danny you made a new friend. The comparisons are amazing of your stories to mine. I felt for you as I hoped some would feel for me. The similarities are amazing. I’m twenty years older, but your heart, brain, thoughts and love is like looking in the mirror. You’re just so much more successful. Thank you so much for your book. You go boy! Sending love.
I loved Danny’s book. I can’t believe how much our childhoods were alike. He is so funny and has so many great stories! Very good book.

As a long time Bravo fan, I have listened to Dannys podcast “Everything Iconic” for years now. I feel like I know Danny personally at this point so not only was I excited to read this book but I felt proud of him as well. “How Do I Un-Remember This?” is a collection of short stories that range in topics from Dannys childhood in the 90s, to him coming out as gay, his love of Bravo, to deeper issues like mental health & depression. Danny and I are close in age and also share a love of pop culture so I got all of his references and appreciated the dose of 90s nostalgia. I listened on audio and enjoyed hearing these stories from the queen icon legend himself.


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