How to Get Lucky By Lauren Blakely

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How to Get Lucky By Lauren Blakely


Book/Novel Author: Lauren Blakely

Book/Novel Title: How to Get Lucky



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A sexy standalone romance written by #1 NYT Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely and Award-Winning Romance Narrator Joe Arden!Every man knows there are lines you don’t cross. Like this one — don’t bang your boss’s little sister.Too bad I didn’t know sexy, clever, irresistible London is related to the guy who signs my paychecks. Would have been helpful to have that intel before I took her out on that first date, before I kissed her on the beach, before I made plans to take her home that night. But now I know and I’m going to be so damn disciplined. I’m a good guy, after all. And good guys don’t break the golden rules of the bro code. I’m going to follow the heck out of all the rules. I won’t break a single damn one. Even when London asks me to help her with a work project. One that has us working late every night, all alone, in my tiny apartment. One that tests every ounce of willpower I have. One that is driving me out of my ever loving mind.But I resist.Until the night she issues a challenge I can’t refuse.





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