How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do By Candida Royalle

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How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice From a Woman Who Knows By Candida Royalle


Book/Novel Author: Candida Royalle

Book/Novel Title: How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do



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Summary & Review

No one knows how to bring women’s sexual fantasies to life better than Candida Royalle. After starring in twenty-five adult film classics, she moved behind the camera and launched her own groundbreaking line of woman-friendly erotic films. In this scintillating new book, the celebrated director, actor, and acclaimed pioneer of women’s erotica shares her personal and professional expertise. Her message: every woman is an erotic woman. Her mission: to encourage confidence and creativity in lovemaking and to bring that sense of playfulness and adventure back into the bedroom.
In *How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do,* you’ll find a blueprint for directing your own sex life. Packed with entertaining Director’s Notes and tricks of the trade to inspire you, Royalle shows you how to strip yourself of inhibitions, break through bedroom taboos, and make your deepest fantasies come to life.
• Set the stage: Prepare any room for seduction by cueing the right music and setting only the most flattering lights.
• Bring in props: Is your toy box well stocked with the essentials and designed to inspire? It might be time for an upgrade.
• Wardrobe check: Use lingerie perfectly suited to your body type and transform yourself into the star of your own sizzling fantasy.
• Play the part: Conquer stage fright and learn how to deliver your hottest lines ever.
• Have the performance of your life: Fulfill your erotic potential and get the most out of your leading man.
Your relationship will never grow stale if you feed and replenish your erotic imagination. *How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do* will show you how to nurture your sexiest desires and star in the erotic role of a lifetime.
Now go get that director’s chair and get to work! Become your own scriptwriter, producer, director, and star! **
### Review
Candida Royalle, maker of adult films with a woman’s perspective and former porn actress, knows how to script, direct, and perform an erotic scene. In *How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do* , Royalle shows women how to create their own sexy scenarios (cameras optional). She describes how to present and playact a fantasy: creating the “script”; choosing locale, music, and décor; selecting wardrobe and sex toys; having “outercourse,” and directing the man in his role. Though obviously aimed at women who wish to enhance their sex life, her suggestions are not as one-sided as the clever title might imply–she gives plenty of advice about playing out the man’s fantasies, helping him feel comfortable using sex toys, communicating lovingly, and giving him great oral sex. Royalle intersperses “Director’s Notes,” which are tips, cautions, and summaries of sexual information. Writing with humor, she warns readers about places *not* to make love: moving vehicle, woods (flies are attracted to perspiration), airplane bathroom. Although she promotes her own films overmuch, her tidbits about making porn films are entertaining, such as the behind-the-scenes reason that actresses keep their shoes on during sex–it’s hard to keep their feet clean on the set! *–Joan Price*
### Review
“Bold and empowering — Candida Royalle puts women’s pleasure first.”
— *The Village Voice*
“Discover everything you need to know to create a…healthy erotic relationship…get ready to rock that bed like never before!”
— *Complete Woman*





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