How To Wife Your Nanny By Melinda Minx

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How To Wife Your Nanny: A Billionaire Single Dad Romantic Comedy By Melinda Minx


Book/Novel Author: Melinda Minx

Book/Novel Title: How To Wife Your Nanny



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The Billionaire’s Guide to Wifing Your Nanny:1. Get her to hate your guts—on second thought, skip this step.2. Pay her $1 million to be your kid’s nanny (I’m a billionaire…adjust according to your budget.)3. If all else fails, just get her in the jacuzzi.I’m Lacey Larsen, and my life is a trainwreck. The train’s name is Noah Black. The billionaire who ruined my life five years ago is trying to make things right. I have a million reasons not to forgive him, but when he offers me a dollar for each one, my three dead-end jobs make it hard to say no.I’m trying so hard to hate him, but it’s impossible. Especially when his daughter is such a sweetheart. It’s not her fault her father is as insufferable as he is irresistible.Yeah, I have a crush on the guy who crushed me, but I won’t let him wreck my life again. I just have to get through one year. Fifty-two short little weeks of Noah Black and I can walk away with my heart in one piece.As long as I can avoid the damn jacuzzi.


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