Hss! By Zeta Star

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Hss!: An Alien Warrior Romance (Warriors of Gr’mlakin (Alien Romance Comedy Adventure) Book 2) By Zeta Star


Book/Novel Author: Zeta Star

Book/Novel Title: Hss!



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Without Hss – I can’t pronounce it, okay? – I’d have no hope of getting out of this arena. His sleek, pettable pecs almost make up for his bad attitude. Almost.I’ve just had my worst month ever. First, my fiancé jilts me. Next, I’m abducted by aliens and sold into a gladiatorial arena.Luckily, I tie a mean surgical knot, so they’ve put me to work stitching up the wounded. And when seven feet of sculpted, feline male drops onto my `operating’ mat, everything changes. He vows he’s going to take me off the planet with him. I’ll be happy for him take me any way he can.The thing with Hss is he never keeps his head down, and he pisses everyone off. So there’s a list of enemies longer than his… ahem… chasing us.Between monsters, assassins, and angry robots, our exit window is closing. I don’t know how we will escape, but when Hss puts his arms around me, I know I don’t want to escape him.Hss! is a full-length (and I mean full-length) alien warrior romance with pulse-pounding action, an overdose of humor, crazy critters, and all the hotness.If you like alien abduction romance with a twist, give Hss! a try. HEA guaranteed.
Not an exciting book, more detail and character development is necessary.Ok for a first book, but author should use spell check frequently and have someone edit content.t
I really enjoyed this book. It was action packed from start to finish. The story was fast paced ,and I loved each characters personality.Especially bitsy who I imagine is absolutely adorable In a strange and semi dangerous way. Definitely recommended this book.
These stories have a bit of a twist on the alien abduction/found mates genre. Quite a bit of humor as well as adventure and of course sexy time
This story was pretty good but it needs some serious editing.I would find myself immersed in the story and then “what?!”The flow was messed up because of missing words or wrong words thrown in.I enjoyed the humor the author woven into the story.
Kidnapped human escapes with wounded gladiatoralien. Common formula.What would set it apart from others in the genre is the unfolding of the story and the writing.Alas, nothing stands out in this. Really? Sex with an injured alien within hours of meeting him? Chapter after chapter of escape description.
The story was fun, unusual and enjoyable. However, there were so many issues with wrong words being used, word order errors (ex., “the to” instead of “to the”), and inconsistencies such as when the author refers to three females describing them and then in the next paragraph, one of those females is referred to as a male and the rest of the paragraph is in masculine tense. In some cases words were not complete, using the word complete as an example it would read as ”complet”. Needs a good editor. I liked the story but with the extensive errors throughout the book, it was difficult to read. Had to reread sections to figure out what was being said. There are a lot of enjoyable books out there that don’t have this issue.


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4.9/5309 ratings