Hummingbird By Helen Harper

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Hummingbird (A Charade Of Magic Book 1) By Helen Harper


Book/Novel Author: Helen Harper

Book/Novel Title: Hummingbird



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The best way to live in the Mage ruled city of Glasgow is to keep your head down and your mouth closed.That’s not usually a problem for Mairi Wallace. By day she works at a small shop selling tartan and by night she studies to become an apothecary. She knows her place and her limitations. All that changes, however, when her old childhood friend sends her a desperate message seeking her help – and the Mages themselves cross Mairi’s path. Suddenly, remaining unnoticed is no longer an option.There’s more to Mairi than she realises but, if she wants to fulfil her full potential, she’s going to have to fight to stay alive – and only time will tell if she can beat the Mages at their own game.From twisted wynds and tartan shops to a dangerous daemon and the magic infused City Chambers, the future of a nation might lie with one solitary woman.Hummingbird is the first thrilling book in A Charade Of Magic. The fight for freedom starts here.
This is the most creative and original story I’ve read in a long time. No spoilers. Buy this and read it!
4.5/5.0Wow! What an awesome start to a new series! Usually the first book in a developing series takes a bit to warm up to, build the world and get things in order (translation moves slow). This one does not do that at all! Somehow the author succeeds in achieving all those things while plunging the reader into the action and intrigue almost immediately. It was AWESOME!Mairi, the main character, is a young, mute girl who works as an indentured servant by day and studies by night to achieve her dream of becoming an apothecary. When she discovers children are going missing and tragically loses her dearest friend, who is trying to find the children, Mairi dives into the vicious world of the mages in order to bring their treachery down and avenge their victims.The story deepens and develops at a fast pace while never losing the nuances that make the reading enjoyable and riveting. There’s even a hint at a possible romance that will definitively keep readers wanting to grab the next book. I know I will be anxiously waiting and checking more of this new-to-me author’s books!
This story started good and for all I know it could of been great but I could not handle reading the f word laced continuously throughout! Warning to others who might prefer a good story without the consistent foul language.
As always by Helen Harper, wonderfully written and full of strange yet ordinary things! I love her books. Enjoy reading the start of a new series!
This is a decent read with a strong willed heroine who doesn’t have too much of a ‘too stupid to live’ syndrome. It feels like an edgier YA story in that regard. But it doesn’t bring much of anything new to the table either: the usual alternative history location (UK) where mages rule the world and need to be taken down by a unique snowflake.Story: Mairi is an orphan who is trying to get by in the world. She works as a servant to a couple who aren’t too terrible to her (relatively speaking, of course) and works long hours in a fashion house/textile company. She is mute – has been her whole life – but that has never hindered her too greatly. That is, until the mages target someone she loves and she finds out she may have the power to bring them down once and for all.As noted, there was nothing too new to the story. The characters were interesting in a very Dickensian way and the Scottish slang/cant was well represented. Mairi is a strong character but a lot of the supporting characters and love interesting do feel a bit much like YA cliches. That said, I will likely continue the story with book 2. Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.
I love Helen Harper’s stories. That being said this one is an exciting, interesting beginning too a new series. It starts out slow, but you quickly get invested with the colourful characters. My only complaint is that this first book is to short. My hope is the second one won’t be to far behind.


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