Hunter Raze By Laurann Dohner

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Hunter Raze (Veslor Mates Book 6) By Laurann Dohner


Book/Novel Author: Laurann Dohner

Book/Novel Title: Hunter Raze



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When her parents died in her youth, Anabel Brick—along with her sister, Jessa—was raised as an orphan of United Earth. While her sister became an Alien Research Specialist, Anabel’s skills were put to a different use. She’s a tool for U.E. and its military fleet…a spy…a killer. Her current mission also turns out to be her last. If she succeeds, if the criminals don’t take her out first, she’ll remain marooned on the deep-space planet. Any rescue effort too dangerous to attempt for a single operative. Anabel always knew her life wasn’t going to have a happy ending.Little does Anabel know, the hunter is about to become the hunted.Raze and his hunter grouping have suffered too much loss. All they have left is each other and the anticipation of hunting prey for the rest of their lives. It does give them a sense of peace to track, capture, and sometimes kill vile beings who harm others. Now his grouping has been commissioned by other Veslors to find Anabel and return her to her family safely. Finding the female is easy; Raze and his grouping brothers are the best at what they do. Subduing a woman who’s more than human is another matter.Little does Raze know, rescuing Anabel could have dire consequences for everyone…Veslors included.
Another great romance with adventure. The story brings in new characters and ties up the other character stories. Can’t wait to read more!
This book has non stop action and you never know what’s going to happen next. I loved Anabel’s story. She never thought she could be happy in her life because of United Earth. She did whatever she could to protect her sister and thought she would die on the killer planet then in walks a Veslor hunter called Raze who was there to bring her back to her sister and her grouping. They had an immediate attraction. Anabel was worried about the consequences of her sister’s request to find her but, in the end, it all works out.
Like all of Laurann Dohner’s books, I enjoyed the entire series. In fact, I can’t recall a single book written by her that I didn’t like. Some of the series I have reread more than once.
This whole series was just great the writing was great you got to understand the difference in each veslor and there mate as well as there culture. Great read great writing. Loved the series.
Anabel and Raze have both suffered serious childhood trauma leading to the dangerous career paths chosen for them. Jessa, Annabel’s sister initiated a search for her spy sister by a trusted hunter grouping so they can escape the Fleet and UE. The mission Anabel is currently on will have to be her final as she was deep uncover and has been exposed. Stuck on a hostile planet she will fight for her life when Raze and his group show up still grieving a recent loss. The ex cons who want her dead also have another sinister job to do and she can’t let that happen. Desirable or not she has a job to do and Raze is impressed by her skills and abilities not to mention his sudden attraction. I have enjoyed all 6 books in this series and enjoy the lack of repetition in the overlapping stories.
Strong woman who could kick some ass and had strong opinions but only in the beginning and then puff, got injured as he thought she would, played the “injured” trap one time too many and mostly couldn’t do her job. Chemistry was way too fast and she became more docile the closer the end became. Just another regular HEA book.


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4.9/5310 ratings