Hunters By Matt Rogers

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Hunters: A King & Slater Thriller (The King & Slater Series Book 8) By Matt Rogers


Book/Novel Author: Matt Rogers

Book/Novel Title: Hunters



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A RETURN TO THE EDGE OF LIMITS…It’s been months since King and Slater faced true physical adversity. Now they’re back in the depths of hell. A botched attempt to seize control of the Presidency by a brainwashed intelligence asset leads to the exposure of King and Slater’s location. The shadow world from which they fled has them in their sights, and they’re furious. Going rogue is the gravest sin — wetwork operators aren’t afforded the leniency of leaving whenever they please. Examples must be made. The hunters are unleashed. Black-ops killers cut from the same cloth as King and Slater are given free reign to turn the United States into a hunting ground. It must be demonstrated what happens to dissidents. In the fight of their lives, King, Slater, Violetta and Alexis team with their only contact in the government, tech-wizard Alonzo Romero, to claw tooth and nail to stay alive…What readers are saying about King & Slater:★★★★★ – “Slater and King working together is a whole new adventure. Twice as much death and destruction. Twice as much adventure and excitement.”★★★★★ – “Separately, forces to be reckoned with: together, virtually unstoppable.”★★★★★ – “Two of the best warriors I’ve met in a long while. Can’t wait to see who they tackle next time.”★★★★★ – “It was absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute and I had a hard time putting it down. The action never stops.”★★★★★ – “This book was a treat from start to finish. I continue to be amazed by Matt’s ability to come up with truly creative situations for our beloved King and Slater to be thrown into.”★★★★★ – “I think you’ll understand what makes them tick. The deepest part of their hearts are exposed.”★★★★★ – “Jason and Will together. What could be better? Powerful, tense, emotional and fast-paced.”★★★★★ – “Two minds that are so coordinated makes for excitement whatever they do. Matt’s really hit one out of the park with this book.”★★★★★ – “The ensuing combat takes on more importance as family, treachery, and the sheer volume of corruption are factored in.”


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4.9/5309 ratings