Hunter’s Moon By Linsey Hall

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Hunter’s Moon (Rebel Wolf Book 2) By Linsey Hall


Book/Novel Author: Linsey Hall

Book/Novel Title: Hunter’s Moon



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It’s time to claim my fateLast week, I was a hotel maid who had no idea magic existed. Today, I’m the prisoner of a werewolf pack. I had to steal from them to save a friend, and now I’m behind bars. The shifter council has given me two choices — fix the problem I’ve created. Or die.To make thing more complicated, the werewolf alpha is my fated mate—and now he hates me for my betrayal. The attraction between us is off the charts, but it doesn’t matter. His loyalty is to his pack. He would avoid me if he could, but he can’t. When we’re forced to work together to save his pack, it becomes clear that neither of us is going to escape with our hearts intact.Hunter’s Moon is the final book of Linsey Hall’s enemies to lovers, fated mates romance duology. If you like humor, spice, and action, then this is the series for you.
Wonderful story with a strong delivery of purpose. The characters are so interesting and well defined in this series. I Lindsey Hall series.
I am such a fan of Kinsey Hall’s work. This wolf story kept me riveted and at the end, I wanted more. Her characters are real and compelling. Great storytelling.
Didn’t really care for this one, the guest book was good but everything happened so fast and it was too easy in my opinion.
Best books ever. Love love the characters and the story. Made ne laugh and cry and fall in love with the plot…
I loved the chemistry between Lyra and Garreth.Lyra was in jail for stealing the Book from Garreth and giving it to Sam, in exchange for her friend’s life. She was given an ultimatum, get the Book back or be punished. While searching for the Book, she found out that she was so much more than just a mountain lion.Thank you Ms. Hall for another great story.
I truly loved this! Linsey please use these characters again. You could do a whole spin off on the packs coming together. Or create a new character that is a fated mate to someone in these two packs. I love that even though Lyra’s family is dead she gets to know her dad through his friend. And she meets the ghost of her grandma who is the historian of the pack. I love how her grandma is so well respected and loved by everyone. I feel it was important for Lyra to have someone in her family that was as great as she is. The fact that she has seer blood makes sense as well. There are times she has certain feelings & instincts that I believe come from her bloodline. It is sad what happened to her father but good to know he was trying to prevent fate from happening. It’s rather silly though you can’t change fate. I believe he was noble not wanting his child to have to go through that however, there is usually a reason it has to be a certain person fulfilling a prophecy. Her father should have stayed home & spent time with his daughter. I bet her mom wouldn’t have turned to drugs either.


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