Hyperspeed Dreams By Anna Carven

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Hyperspeed Dreams: Darkstar Mercenaries Book 5 By Anna Carven


Book/Novel Author: Anna Carven

Book/Novel Title: Hyperspeed Dreams



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Lodan Vorkan has been called many things in his lifetime—perfectionist, control-freak, monster.As one of the Kordolian Military’s infamous First Division, he’s one of the most feared warriors in the Nine Galaxies.As a pilot, his skill is unmatched.He doesn’t like the unpredictable, and humans are exactly that.One by one, he’s seen his brothers fall to these confounding creatures. Even the most battle-hardened and ruthless of them have succumbed to the Mating Fever.Humans are trouble.Humans bring chaos. Always.When he encounters the strange human called Tasha, all his warning alarms go off. She isn’t anything like the other humans. She’s faster; stronger—artificially so. She has secrets; she tells lies.A trail of blood-scent lingers around her.She is not the kind of human he would imagine as his mate.But Lodan’s control is about to be sorely tested—in more ways than one.Hyperspeed Dreams is Book 5 in the Darkstar Mercenaries series. It’s a full-length novel (76 500 words) featuring a lethal silver-skinned alien hero, a human heroine, and the usual action, violence, steamy sex scenes, and HFN (“happy for now”) ending. It will probably make more sense if you’ve read the previous books first; both the Dark Planet Warriors and Darkstar Mercenaries series.Read more
OK, just a fair warning. I am about to go all fan girl here. Anna is, hands down, one of my favorite authors and creators of all things wonderful and alien. So many emotionally and physically damaged males and the women whom they devote themselves to.Tasha and Lodan are one of my favorite couples in this series. Although to be fair, I think that about many of the couples at the end of most of Anna’s books.This is a dark story of the evil that is all too often perpetuated upon people by those in positions of power and authority and yet it still manages to be a beautiful and uplifting, sweetly romantic love story.I, oh so highly, recommend this story and even more so, this wonderful and talented writer. I am so thankful that Anna participates in the Kindle Unlimited program or I would probably not have found her. As it is, I am able to read her books right away instead of having to save up for them. I’ve been buying them as I am able as I know that all good books might disappear without notice. Lol
I downloaded this when it was first offered. Then, like a little kid, I hoarded the dessert of my dreams, saving it for my birthday to open the pages and indulge in the best. I’ll never grow tired of the fierce might of silver silent Kordolians, and the ultimate romance of their love with average human females.So, sighing with replete pleasure, I will no doubt return once again to open the pages on the love story that started it all between Abby and Tarak. Thank you so much Anna, it was well worth the wait.
I love these books by Anna she has great story lines great characters and I just love them one of the few series of books I’ll read over and over
Such a fan of this entire series! And anytime Tarak makes an appearance i always prepare for a action packed ride!
This has everything you need in a thrilling alien romance. The hero was intense sexy and strong. Tasha was fierce, complex and sexy. This plot was challenging and intense. Different from other books I’ve read about the Dark star warriors. I loved everything about this. HIGHLY recommend this book!
You’d think that Anna Carven would write an “average” book once in a great while, but no; they just keep turning out to be outstanding.The “big bads” are my all-time favorite alien males–so confident in their abilities and power, and yet also, so very vulnerable, not to mention drool worthy and so deliciously sexy.Keep going, Anna. Thank you for another great romantic adventure!


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