I Am Dressed in Sin By C.M. Stunich

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I Am Dressed in Sin: A Reverse Harem Age Gap Romance (Death By Daybreak Motorcycle Club Book 2) By C.M. Stunich


Book/Novel Author: C.M. Stunich

Book/Novel Title: I Am Dressed in Sin



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What sort of girl steals a motorcycle from outlaws?What sort of girl blooms in the face of danger, like a rose with thorns?I’m the queen to a dirty throne of men and mania, a dissenter that’s supposed to be a quiet accomplice to the Death by Daybreak Motorcycle Club. The four wicked men I’ve summoned are like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse—albeit dressed in leather and riding chrome stallions—and I’m the last judgement, bringing the end of the world as the club knows it. Only, it’s with my own hands bathed in blood and betrayal.They’ve always been wrong for me.But every motorcycle club has its secrets.These guys … they’re owned by one.They’re owned by me.***I AM DRESSED IN SIN is a 135,000 word new adult, reverse harem, motorcycle club romance with one daring, bada** leading lady, her four sexy outlaws, and a romantic suspense plot. Contains cursing, violence, age gap romance, and sexual situations. This is book two of three in the series.Read more
I have been waiting for this book for a very long time. I was so captivated by the first one, I needed to know what happened next. While it did take me a bit to finish it, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to finding out how it all ends.
Holy cow… I fell more in love with Gidget and her guys with this second entry. I loved getting more of the backstory for each of the guys and learning more about what they are all hoping for. So much happens in this, and it’s amazing to realize that for once in her life, Gidget might have two real friends when it’s all said and done. This girl who was an island might not be as alone as she once wanted to be or thought she needed to be.
Good lord this just keeps getting better and better. Not on to normally give a 5 star rating in the middle of a series but man this book just pulls you right in, sticks it’s hooks in you and holds you hostage right till the bitter shocking cliffhanger. My goodness, I knew it was coming, knew something bad was about to happen yet didn’t notice that I was even at the end till it said to be continued. Lucky for me the last book is out and I can get my much needed conclusion. I just hope that Gidget, the guys, Reba and Gray make it out alive.
I don’t like Gidget. She does grow up a little throughout her story, but she doesn’t seem to understand what it means to love someone. She expects everyone around her to bend, break, fit into the mold she puts them in. But she won’t give even when it’s to benefit her, keep her and those around her safe.
I was a little worried I often find myself not liking second books in a series but this book did not disappoint. The plot thickens in book two. I love Gidge and her men.
I loved the story line and how the author pulled it all together. Very creative!The relationships between the men and her family are intriguing. I can’t wait for the next book!


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