I Super Don’t By Jamie Knight

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I Super Don’t: An Enemies to Lovers Fake Fiance Romance By Jamie Knight


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Knight

Book/Novel Title: I Super Don’t



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Summary & Review

**I’m in a mutually beneficial arrangement.
With a gorgeous girl who hates my cocky guts.**
I’m a bad boy athlete, or at least I used to be.
Back before the tabloids had a field day with my womanizing ways.
Now Coach says I need to clean up my act, and quick.
Or I can kiss my f*cking football career goodbye.
I’m towing the line, but my teammates think it’s too good to be true.
It doesn’t help matters when I find a drugged out girl in the locker room.
Yes, she’s got luscious curves and is exactly my type.
But she’s just a crazed, party-loving fan… right?
Or is she a lot more innocent than she seems?
Either way, I’m only trying to help her.
But when Coach walks in, he doesn’t believe me.
So I blurt out that we’re engaged.
Now, she thinks I’m the crazy one.
But she needs a safe place to stay, so it’s a win/win for both of us.
I offer up my apartment.
For as long as she plays the role of my fiancée with the press.
Neither of us is happy about having to do this.
But I can’t figure out why she hates me so much.
Because all I want is to get into my fake fiancée’s pants- for real.
And when I focus on getting what I want, I always do.
**But is that all I want, or does my heart want more?**
*I Super Don’t* is a full-length enemies to lovers fake fiancé romance novel. It is part of the *Super in Love* series of steamy romance novels, which can be read on their own but are best enjoyed all together. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!. **
### Review
“Wow! One heart stopping tale that hooks you from the start and reels you in for the duration. Twists and turns abound with startling revelations that thursts this baby to life beautifully.” -Kaye
“Wow, it’s hard to believe that Jameson and Jenny are fictional characters because their love seems so real! You Super Do NEED To Read This!” – P.G. Lamb
” **Incredibly fantastic.** A love that catches you by surprise. A must read. Beautifully written, heart throbbing love story. I loved it.” – Dimples
“This is a Fantastic Enemies to Lovers Romance. Well written with wonderful characters and an engaging storyline. Jameson and Jenny were likable, realistic characters that had amazing chemistry. The story emotional, had twists, lots of steam and love. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!” – Tammy
“Jamie Knight really knows how to write a great love story. **This book is exceptional** , I really enjoyed reading about these characters and the story brought tears in my eyes several times. I highly recommend this book.” – Mariann Roesland Skov
“A captivating read from beginning to end! An exciting storyline that leaves you breathless wanting more! Sexy steam filled chemistry! Emotionally heartfelt, enjoyable and fun! One heck of a twisted, intense rollercoaster ride! An amazing must read!” – Kathleen Bulfon
“Jameson and Jenny’s story is off the charts hot! So much fun to read about their awkward start to something truthfully romantic. The writing is superb, the characters pop off the pages, and the whole story is a sexy, fast paced read that leaves you wanting the fantasy to continue.” – Chibandit44
### From the Author
This book is part of the *Super in Love* series of steamy romance novels, which can be read and understood alone, but, due to a shared world and connected characters, are best read all together.
The reading order for the *Super in Love* series is:
1. *Super Over You*
2. *Super Not Into You* : An Enemies to Lovers Fake Fiance Romance
3. *I Super Don’t* : An Enemies to Lovers Fake Fiance Romance





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