I Think Knot By Sinclair Kelly

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I Think Knot (Knot Yours Omegaverse Book 1) By Sinclair Kelly


Book/Novel Author: Sinclair Kelly

Book/Novel Title: I Think Knot



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No. Nope. Knot going to happen.I may be an omega, but I’ve got dreams and goals of my own, and none of them include shacking up with a pack of raging alphas just because biology says I have to. Sure, that time will come and I’ll welcome it with open arms, but for now, I’m doing me.I’ve managed to make a name for myself on the PackChat App, unintentionally starting a movement that has earned me millions of followers, along with plenty of enemies. Namely, a rival group known as RideAnAlpha. They drive me crazy with their constant lewd and rude comments, and, admittedly, their thirst traps showing off their hot bodies and abs for days. What? I’m in self-isolation, not dead, after all. They’re the bane of my existence, but I’m a pro at being oblivious.As my birthday looms, my bestie convinces me to attend a major influencer conference where my rivals and I are keynote speakers. I’m determined to prove the real Bexley Carter is not the evil omega they portray me as. I’ll get in, get out, and stay just long enough to figuratively give them the finger…or maybe literally, time will tell. No thoughts of claiming or bonds or heats since, you know, they hate me and all. I should be safe, right?Because…I think knot!For Trigger Warnings, please visit my website. I Think Knot is book one in the Knot Yours Omegaverse, a series of fast-burn reverse harem romance standalones. This book includes MMFMMM. Each book will end in an HEA and lead into the next book with a new reluctant omega and her own possessive, purring alphas.
Where do I even start??I saw someone recommend this book and I immediately had to download it because well… omegaverse. Let me tell you, THIS BOOK DID NOT DISAPPOINT.Bexley is this fierce, independent, and beautiful woman. I immediately love her energy and want to be her best friend. BUT I will say, I also loved seeing her melt with the guys.I can’t say who I loved more. BUT I think Camden holds a special place in my head. I loved that he was an alpha with Bex and a beta with Hawke. Honestly, though, all the guys know exactly how to talk and how to growl.If you’re reading this, just quit… AND GO READ because this book is amazing. I can’t wait to read the next one.
I Think Knot was a wonderful standalone that I couldn’t put down. Can not wait to get my hands on the next book.
A feel-good Omegaverse romance that happens due to social media. What happens when a modern Omega butts heads with a group Alphas?
This book was really fun and hot to rea d, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the next one. The characters were really good too!
AHHH! I love Omegaverse! I loved Bexley’s independence and need to be seen as more than an Omega.I adored the @RideAnAlpha pack! After having been scorned before, they just wanted a female to love.After meeting at conference together, Bexley starts her heat early. The RideAnAlpha pack feel a connection with her and decide to help her out.The dynamic and learning for the members of this pack through the book was so entirely sweet!
Y’all, this has it all in an Omegaverse, at least for me… wide range from goofy, to broody, to cocky, to nerdy, to big growly teddy bear, and 4 super sweet, super hot alphas and 1 beta to even out the bunch… and Bexley, our dirty talking, takes no prisoners Omega is absolutely perfect for them and them for her – although they’ve spent a year at each other’s throats in a social media battle that’d have me tuned in to every episode!And then, of course, a jealous ex and a stalker on the loose, and a too convenient expo has one scared omega on the run with 5 – make that 4, but seriously our beta has got some major Alpha vibes – right on her heels…And then of course one deliciously wonderful claiming session once they get her back in their arms and on their land that makes me seriously start to wonder why I don’t make my husband give me his claiming bite, too!!Expect everything you would with a sweet and sexy Omegaverse, and enjoy I Think Knot with 5 very KNOTTY stars!!


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