Ian By Pandora Snow

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Ian: M.E.D.I.C.S.: A Steamy Instalove Military Medical Romance By Pandora Snow


Book/Novel Author: Pandora Snow

Book/Novel Title: Ian

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Sweet sexy fiancé. Check. Career helping soldiers. Check. Overprotective mother. Check. Cancer? Hell to the no. Not on my watch.

Have mercy.

If my mother tries to wipe spicy spaghetti sauce from my dirty mouth one more time, I’ll lose my temper.

At least she didn’t lick the napkin first.

I have to swallow some patience. She only has me now. Jake is in heaven.

Thank Divine Providence for Sarah James. She loves me in ways I can’t possibly imagine. Which is why I have to keep a secret.

The symptoms were only minor. My diagnosis was never supposed to take a serious turn. What if I can’t fulfill my husbandly duties?

Time to call in Cyrus, my second in command. He promised to pick her up when I let her go. Squad brothers never fail one another.

Other people come first, no matter what. So, what do I do when the one who needs rescuing is me?

I take a hard look in the mirror, accept the truth, and call in reinforcements.

Otherwise, I could lose my job, my fiancé, and my life.

Ian is a steamy, honest, feelgood military romance. If you love happy endings where the good guy finishes first, enlist in his squad today.

Read Ian, Book 4 of the new M.E.D.I.C.S. series. That’s an order!

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