Ice Dragon’s Caress By Riley Storm

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Ice Dragon’s Caress By Riley Storm


Book/Novel Author: Riley Storm

Book/Novel Title: Ice Dragon’s Caress

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**The harder I try to hold her, the more she slips away…**
Liz Wray never expected she’d end up a single mom, but after wild one night with a mysterious stranger, that’s exactly where she’s at. Three months later, the father shows up, intent on making things right. It’s far too late however, and for Liz, there’s a lot more to fatherhood than just biology. Still, the more time she spends with him, the harder it’s becoming to ignore the burning desire between them.
Valla Drakon is the newest awakened dragon, and he’s in a bit of trouble. Halfway through his training, he snuck out one night and managed to get a human pregnant. He should be fighting vampires, but he’s too busy fighting for the family he never knew he wanted. Distracted by his dragon duties, he’s torn between two worlds and trying to bring them together might rip him apart.
Liz isn’t about to let some deadbeat into her life, and with every turn, Valla just digs himself a deeper hole. Yet with each conflict, the two find themselves inevitably drawn to one another again and again. She can’t ignore his desire to give her the world, but when imminent danger arises, nor can she ignore that it was his reckless action that put her there. **

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