Ice World By B. V. Larson

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Ice World (Undying Mercenaries Book 16) By B. V. Larson


Book/Novel Author: B. V. Larson

Book/Novel Title: Ice World



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Long before Earth began conquering her neighboring stars, Legion Varus was deployed on Tau Ceti. Valuable and highly illegal treasures were stolen during the campaign, but McGill never gave it a second thought.

The Tau haven’t forgotten him, however. For decades they’ve hunted and plotted, and at last they’ve found the pirate who robbed them. Tau agents invade Earth seeking revenge and profit. Caught up in violence and intrigue, McGill is given the task of finding out where the loot has gone and who was responsible for the theft in the first place. The hunt takes Legion Varus to ICE WORLD, a distant planet with an inhospitable climate.

Read about great battles and shifting alliances in ICE WORLD, book #16 of the Undying Mercenaries series. With millions of copies sold, USA Today Bestselling author B. V. Larson is the king of modern military science fiction.
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I have to say I look forward to reading about James next screw up and his adventures.Can’t wait for the next story!
If you are a fan of the Undying Mercenaries series, you will like Ice World. In continues the saga of McGill et alia. If you have not read any of the series you should start by reading book 1 and follow McGill from his induction into the legion. If you are a fan of SiFi, you will most likely read all the books in the series.
Enjoyed all16 of the books in this series.BVL is an awesome writer, I have been reading all the other seas well. well.
Heh. Heh. Pretty good sequel though the tale is tainted by a background idea of true romance developing in the main lust relationship. The plot is a bit more coherent and sophisticated than normal as well…but not much. Still its an accomplishment of consistency that many authors failed to achieve. Though many series start off as more impressive stories, most authors rapidly lose steam after the 5th in series – usually both in terms of ideas and personal interest continuing any main characters or institutions. Almost all the rest of the authors suffer similar steep drops in quality after eight in series. So while this series might not reach the rarified initial heights of quality of other works except in low gallows humor and brute violence – it is among the mere handful that is still worth reading after more than a dozen releases and still centering on the original cast of characters.
The shenanigans and Tom foolery always work for great reading entertainment. Hopefully we see some explosive arcs for the series.
A great series and another great adventure. This one seemed to depart from the standard forI’ll slightly, but I think in a good way. Hope that there is more to come. If BV keeps writing them, I’ll keep reading them.


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