IdeaSelling By Sam Harrison

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IdeaSelling: Successfully Pitch Your Creative Ideas to Bosses, Clients & Other Decision Makers By Sam Harrison


Book/Novel Author: Sam Harrison

Book/Novel Title: IdeaSelling

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**Don’t let your creative ideas get picked apart and put down!**
If you’re like most creative people, chances are high that you’ve had your share of ideas rejected by clients or decision makers. While we sometimes make the mistake of believing ideas should sell themselves, the fact is that the better and bolder the idea, the more it needs selling. This book contains powerful techniques to help you sell your ideas to those with approval power. You’ll find tips from designers, writers, marketers and other creative professionals, along with meaty advice from selling and branding gurus. In no time, you’ll be able to convince those who hold the purse strings that your ideas are worth pursuing and investing in.
“Designers have a little known secret: Designing something is the easy part, getting others, specifically clients, to embrace that design is the real hard part. Harrison has put together dozens of tips that, if applied correctly, independently or in unison, will help you get those great design ideas approved.”
— **Armin Vit** and **Bryony Gomez-Palacio** , authors of *Graphic Design, Referenced* **

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