Idols and Enemies By Meghan Ciana Doidge

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Idols and Enemies (Amplifier Book 4) By Meghan Ciana Doidge


Book/Novel Author: Meghan Ciana Doidge

Book/Novel Title: Idols and Enemies

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I knew that opening the letter from the sorcerer Azar would have deadly consequences.So we had prepared.We’d planned.We knew we might have to defend ourselves, our freedom. And that I might finally get a chance to exact the revenge I kept telling myself I wasn’t interested in exacting.What we didn’t know was that we’d find ourselves hosting a dysfunctional family reunion — the kind where everyone tries to kill someone at least once over dinner.Sorcerers and witches.With me in the middle.Mediating.I could wipe a small city from the face of the earth. I could vanquish a horde of demons with only two shortswords. I could infiltrate a magically fortified compound without detection, stand against black witches, and defy even those capable of manipulating minds.What I couldn’t do was mediate a family squabble that stretched back decades, replete with kidnapping, magical coercion, and rape.Or I couldn’t mediate with words, at least. Thankfully, though, draining everyone of their magic was always an option.Author’s Note:Idols and Enemies is the fourth book in the Amplifier Series, which is set in the same universe as the Dowser, the Oracle, the Reconstructionist, and the Misfits of the Adept Universe series. It also includes the bonus short story, The Music Box (Amplifier 4.5).The Amplifier Protocol (Amplifier 0)Close to Home (Amplifier 0.5)Demons and DNA (Amplifier 1)Bonds and Broken Dreams (Amplifier 2)Mystics and Mental Blocks (Amplifier 3)Idols and Enemies (Amplifier 4)The Music Box (Amplifier 4.5)

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