If the Allies Had Fallen By Dennis E. Showalter

If the Allies Had Fallen: Sixty Alternate Scenarios of World War II by Dennis E. Showalter

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Book/Novel Author: Dennis E. Showalter

Book/Novel Title: If the Allies Had Fallen

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WHAT IF STALIN HAD SIGNED WITH THE WEST IN 1939? WHAT IF THE ALLIES HAD BEEN DEFEATED ON D-DAY? AND WHAT IF HITLER HAD WON THE WAR? From the Munich crisis to the dropping of the first atomic bomb, and from Hitler’s declaration of war on the United States to the D-Day landings, historians suggest what would have been if key events in the war had gone differently. This work of alternative history looks at sixty of the most famous “What if?” scenarios of World War II, from the possibility of war breaking out in 1938, through the controversies that surround Pearl Harbor and the war on the Eastern Front, to the final days of the war in Europe and the Pacific. Culled by three outstanding academic experts, and written by an exceptional team of historians, If the Allies Had Fallen is an authentic and terrifying alternate history.

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