I’ll Be Good To You By Christine Gray

I’ll Be Good To You: A Complete BWWM Novel by Christine Gray

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Book/Novel Author: Christine Gray

Book/Novel Title: I’ll Be Good To You

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Tia Symone Jefferies! From the moment I glimpsed her while rubbernecking my friend’s IG feed, I’ve been working my ass off to get her to notice me. After investing a month and creating 6 fake Instagram accounts, I’m starting to get really pissed. You know I must be desperate if I’m using a cheesy Celebrity Reality Show to get her attention. I was so confident when she laid eyes on me, Johnny Thick, the #1 R&B singer, the white man with the Luther Vandross voice, her panties were going to drop. Yet, Tia used her wit and sharp tongue to read me to the point that I forgot my left from my right. I’m out of your league,” she laughed with pity in her eyes for me before she left me looking like Bow-Bow The Clown. Me? Me? I’m selling out stadiums, breaking charts, and she thinks… I don’t care that she’s 10 years older than me. For once, I’m going to enjoy chasing a woman when usually women are fighting to get between my sheets. Yes, I’m going to break Tia down until I’m her new favorite drug. I just wish to God I had realized going in that I’m going to lose my heart fucking this damn woman.” – Johnny Thicke

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