Illusion By Karla Lopez

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Illusion By Karla Lopez


Book/Novel Author: Karla Lopez

Book/Novel Title: Illusion

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I never cared much for the concept of love, it never appealed to me. It was a temporary concept; everyone ends up leaving in the end. I didn’t want any part of it in my life. Until ocean eyes began to haunt me. Everywhere I turned Blue was there. Those eyes helped me see what love was capable of, but they’re also teaching me my biggest fears can come true when I open myself up. These beautiful broken ocean eyes are going to drown me in the end.
The urge is the hardest taste I have on my tongue, till I met her. The honey golden eyes that have fire and pain within them. She wants to fight me, prove me wrong that love only breaks you in the end. I’m proof of that being true, but I’m selfish enough to still try. I know I’m only going to hurt her in the end. I have secrets, lies, betrayals that lie at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t stop now, she’s become my new addiction.

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