Immaculate By Addison Cain

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Immaculate By Addison Cain


Book/Novel Author: Addison Cain

Book/Novel Title: Immaculate

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*”A brilliantly told, perversely macabre tale.” -Zoe Blake, USA Today bestselling author*
**God rewards the pious, so I remain chaste.**
God loves the meek, so I strive for obedience.
God forgives the repentant, so I atone for sins I have not committed.
But my knees have been sullied in worship to a vacant altar.
Everything I was taught is a lie.
There is no God here.
*Publisher’s Note: this sacrilegious tale is not for the faint of heart. IMMACULATE is a tale of pure horror by USA Today bestselling author Addison Cain.* **
### Review
????? “Unbelievably riveting – it grabs youby the throat and never lets up.” 
????? “A brilliantly told, perversely macabretale.”
?????  “Captivating,fast-paced and perfectly harrowing…”
?????”Imagine yourself sitting on the precipice of the abysscontemplating life with no intention of going over and then having someoneshove you from behind.”  
?????”Addison Cain has once again written something that is so wrongthat it is right.”  
?????”Lady Agnese is her best character yet.” 
?????”Part of what makes it so disturbing is that it could have actuallyhappened the exact way that she wrote.”

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