Impact By Jack Lively

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Impact (Tom Keeler Book 3) By Jack Lively


Book/Novel Author: Jack Lively

Book/Novel Title: Impact



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Tom Keeler’s a helpful guy, mostly.He’s been down in the Florida keys taking leisure seriously. But his old military buddy’s got an issue with a tornado and Keeler comes up to help. Pretty soon he’s promising a distraught tornado survivor to deliver a special family heirloom to the town of Promise, Indiana.As soon as Keeler rolls into the town of Promise, things get complicated.Linda Cartwright’s a happily married woman, and then someone tried to kill her on her own front lawn. Keeler’s ready to help, but Cartwright won’t talk about it. When she disappears, Keeler suspects that Cartwright’s in over her head. She’s a tough lady, but even tough nuts crack.And it’s not only Cartwright, bad things are happening to regular folk, all over the town of Promise. People just disappear, and nobody seems to be able to do anything about it.Except for Tom Keeler. Because he knows, behind bad deeds are bad people. And when bad people are getting away with bad deeds, Tom Keeler’s always up for making a strong impact.
As the mechanic observed “some kinda real life superhero”. And with a real life super guardian angel to boot. Or does our hero make his own luck?
Tom Keller is a great character. He has enormous strength, outward and inward. This story was an easy and fast read. It was hard to put down. Can’t wait until the next one is ready. Read it and enjoy.
Another exciting read based with a common sense of justice. Perhaps a little long with the nemesis. Very enjoyable femme fatal. Looking forward to the next one.
Easy reading, good story line, easy to follow. Author made it a very good story, loyalty to doing the right thing.
Not just a substitute Reacher. Keeler has arrived and is fun to read. The writing is great and the characters are enjoyable. Keeler finds joy in life while also being the toughest guy in the town.
Keeler is a no-nonsense kind of a guy. The story keeps getting more involved as he continues to solve the mysteries hidden in this small town. I look forward to the next book!


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4.9/5309 ratings