Impossible By Darcy Burke

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Impossible (The Phoenix Club Book 5) By Darcy Burke


Book/Novel Author: Darcy Burke

Book/Novel Title: Impossible



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Society’s most exclusive invitation…Welcome to the Phoenix Club, where London’s most audacious, disreputable, and intriguing ladies and gentlemen find scandal, redemption, and second chances.Ada Treadway has been in love before, and it brought nothing but heartache. Still, she retains her cheerful optimism and is fiercely protective of the independence and respect she’s earned as bookkeeper of the Phoenix Club. When the owner enlists her help to organize his friend’s estate ledgers, she’s eager to prove her expertise and her worth. But his friend turns out to be a disagreeable, unpleasant beast, and Ada works to find the warm-hearted gentleman she’s sure lurks beneath.Maximillian Hunt, the Viscount Warfield doesn’t care if he lives to see tomorrow, and he certainly doesn’t want to recall yesterday. The arrival of the meddlesome and effusively positive woman who will put his accounts in order not only reminds him of the past he’s desperate to forget, she sparks something within him he thought dead. Tempted by a future he never imagined, he must do the impossible: convince her that he’s worth risking her heart a second time.
Max is a reluctant Viscount, a second son badly scarred in the war in Spain & he’s A snarly beast. This is the 5th book in the Phoenix Club series. I have not read the previous 4 and I didn’t feel any gaps, although I am eager to go back and read what I missed.Bookkeeper Ada is sent by Max’s friend, Lucien, to help Max get his estate in order. He’s grumpy to her sunshine. She has two weeks to get the job done.Now, Ada has an intriguing past that includes prostitution. And she is very forthright but she always looks at the bright side and I really liked that about her. Max still carries the physical and emotional trauma from the war. He lost someone very close to him and that including the death of his father and brother also close together has put him in it really dark place. He really needed Ada to come in to his life.I enjoyed the sexy, poignant romance and I think you will too.
My overall impressions:Story : 5/10 (not time period specific)Writing : 7/10 (very few errors)Love : 6/10Heat : 6/10Angst : 4/10Two people with difficult pasts overcome their demons and find each other in this story. While the writing flowed and kept me engaged in the book, I usually like my books a little lighter as I read to relax. The connection between the main characters was just okay.This story was set in 1815 but you could change very few details and set this story in any time period. There were very little specifics indicating this fell in the regency era.I did not read this series in order and this was the first book of the series I read, but I did not feel lost so this is a decent stand alone.
Our Hero: grumpy, a true hero, and in a permanent bad mood. He needs his books put in order, and we know…his love life too.Our Heroine: so completely the opposite. She’s had her reasons to be sad/grumpy too, but chooses to be happy every day. I just love her… I am rooting for her! and him!Phoenix Club is back and is the backdrop for this pairing. I would recommend reading the whole series, not to understand this book, mind you, but because it’s a great, romance series.
Darcy Burke is always good for a cute, sexy, low angst read, and Impossible is no different. Now note, we said “low angst,” not “low CW,” because this book has a ton of content that might need some warnings. Our hero, Max, has PTSD from his time at war; our heroine, Ada, had an affair with her married former employer. And that’s the stuff that doesn’t need a spoiler warning. (See below for more detailed CW.)That said, this is a straightforward, well-written romance otherwise. Ada meets Max when she goes to his house for two weeks to help him get his finances in order. She’s a Pollyanna-esque figure, someone who has experienced tragedy in her life but chooses to be optimistic and happy to the extent that she can be annoying to those around her. Indeed, Max at first can’t stand to be around her. Soon, though, his annoyance turns to appreciation for her persistence in breaking through his walls. Is it any surprise that they fall into bed and – soon after – in love?Do note that it’s through their relationship with each other that they overcome past trauma. It’s definitely “love heals all wounds” but make it “love is better than professional therapy.” If that doesn’t bother you and you’re fine with the CW, this is a great read.CW: PTSD, rape, murder, abortion, familial abandonment, prostitution, infidelity, violence.This objective review is based on a complimentary copy of the novel.

Loved reading the engaging and entertaining romance story. Ada Treadway’s boss asks her to help a friend of his, Maximillian Hunt, the Viscount Warfield. Max doesn’t want Ada in his house with her cheerful personality putting his ledgers in order, but Ada’s optimism puts a spark in Max to start caring about his tenants. Read the highly recommended, wonderfully written, and must read story of an elusive, unpleasant man who finds love again.


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