In Hot Blood By Blake Banner

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In Hot Blood (A Dead Cold Mystery Book 25) By Blake Banner


Book/Novel Author: Blake Banner

Book/Novel Title: In Hot Blood

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All married couples should have interests outside the marriage. It’s a truism, a maxim, a golden rule.It’s also a recipe for disaster, if that interest turns to passion, not for what your doing, but who you’re doing it with.Detective John Stone had a marriage made in heaven. His wife was young, beautiful and smart, and she was his partner in the Cold Cases unit at the 43rd. They were tight, close, and practically telepathic. At least, that was what he’d always thought – until she got an interest outside their marriage, and that interest became a passion.It was a passion for a youth club, a passion to help young kids escape the gangs and the crime of the Bronx. It was a passion that was keeping her away from home late into the night, week after week – a passion she shared with Sergeant Tony Sanchez of the 45th. A passion that had a hot coal burning in John Stone’s belly, as he dined alone at home for the third month in a row.A passion that led to hot-blooded murder, with Dehan set squarely in the frame.

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