In Love with My Bestie By Austin Bates

In Love with My Bestie (Second Chance Lovers #2) by Austin Bates

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Book/Novel Author: Austin Bates

Book/Novel Title: In Love with My Bestie

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Sawyer can spot a bad boyfriend at a hundred paces… Liars, cheaters, and worse, he can’t seem to stay away. If it weren’t for Axel Lewis, he wouldn’t be able to put himself back together after every heartbreak. Ax is kind, protective, and way too good for the mess that is Sawyer Clarke. But when one of his terrible exes starts causing trouble, Sawyer will need the help of his best friend to stay out of danger. And maybe, just maybe, there might be more between them than he’s ever dared to dream. He’s been waiting for years… It’s torture to watch the man he loves go through terrible boyfriends who don’t deserve him, and Ax won’t let that happen again. He’s been Sawyer’s best friend since they were kids, and he’s secretly pined for years. Now he’s ready to make his move and be the man standing at Sawyer’s side for good. But with Sawyer’s ex ready to cause trouble, it may already be too late. Danger lurks in their sedate town and when they’re ready for their chance at love it could be ripped away before it can begin. Love hasn’t come easy or stayed long for the men of Knot Pointe, Colorado. But now luck is on their side. They’ll seize their second chances and find the loves of their lives! This book and every other book in the Second Chance Lovers Series can be read in any order!

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