In Style 4 Now By Janet Leigh

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In Style 4 Now By Janet Leigh


Book/Novel Author: Janet Leigh

Book/Novel Title: In Style 4 Now



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IndieBRAG award-winning author Janet Leigh delivers an entertaining story that kept me flipping through the pages. Her amusing characters had me constantly laughing. A 5 star read. ~ Amazon customer review.
Jennifer Cloud is sure of three things: Women are just as capable as men of catching a thief. Traveling back in time is not all fun, games, and vintage Italian leather grosgrain shoes. And saving the woman who turned your life upside down can get you killed.
Secret agent for the World Travel Federation, Jennifer Cloud is determined to catch her mark, the smarmy Mitchell Mafuso. Arresting him will increase her status with her fellow time travelers, but Mitchell is picking up souvenirs from the infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde and has no intention of being caught by the female transporter.
Orders from the top dog prevent Jen from following Mitchell to the year 1933. To make things worse, sexy Marco Ferrari has decided to sideline his racing career to pursue Jennifer. Marco’s newly acquired status of Defender for the World Travel Federation has Jen working double time transporting for two gorgeous men. Trouble arises in 1933 and Marco can’t finish the job. Not only is Jennifer not allowed to go back in time, but her on-again, off-again boyfriend Caiyan is called to make the trip instead.
Jennifer may not be the best transporter, but she might be the cleverest. Join her as she catches a ride with her fellow transporter Ace, and takes a journey to the time of moonshine, speakeasies, and infamous gangsters.
### Review
“This latest installment of the Jennifer Cloud series is rambunctiously self-aware, but boasts another excellent plot line. Old players and lovers from past books dance in and out of the story, and the context of the 1920s makes for a rich landscape where the novel’s clever characters can play. The language is simple enough, and never takes itself too seriously, delivering an engaging experience for those looking to escape. A clever mixture of time travel, spy fiction, and chick lit,  *In Style 4 Now*  is a highly entertaining read, whether you’re new to the series or already a fan.” Self-Publishing Review, ????½





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